About me

I am Haiwen Huang, my Chinese name is 黄海文. I am a PhD student at University of Tübingen, co-supervised by Prof. Andreas Geiger and Dr. Dan Zhang, starting in Jan. 2022.

My research interests span robust machine learning, uncertainty estimation, out-of-distribution detection, and out-of-distribution generalization. More generally, I am interested in problems that machine learning faces when we deploy it in the real-world applications, e.g., large-scale annotation, AI alignment, small-data tasks. My PhD research falls mainly in the intersection of these ML problems and computer vision.

Before my PhD studies, I completed my MSc in CS at University of Oxford (supervisor: Prof. Yarin Gal) and my BSc in Math at Peking University (supervisor: Prof. Bin Dong). I have also worked as a researcher for a year at Megvii (previously known as Face++), studying large-scale annotation and OoD detection methods.

My CV is here.


  • University of Tübingen, Germany (Jan. 2022 - Now)
    • Ph.D, Computer Science
    • Advisor: Andreas Geiger and Dan Zhang
  • University of Oxford, UK (Oct. 2020 - Sept. 2021)
    • M.S., Computer Science (Distinction)
    • Advisor: Yarin Gal
  • Peking University, China (Sept. 2015 - June 2019)
    • B.S., Computing Mathematics

Work experience

  • Megvii Technology Inc, Beijing, China, (Feb. 2019 - Sept. 2020)
    • ML Researcher, Data Research Group
    • Research projects: Large-scale data annotation, out-of-distribution detection, few-shot learning
    • Group leader: Xinyu Zhou

Preprints and Publications